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Spiele Unterhaltung Familie Puzzle
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Where are you changed?
The errors in Moving!
Perfect Clear the aim of training the brain!

Number of Stages:
Stage 50 Normal
Stage 20 core mode
Level 1 to Level 3 for each stage.
Volume of the total 210 questions.
How to play:
Look at the pictures will change,
trying to touch a strange place.
Each stage has five stars, watching the tips,
each with vanishing wrong.
Because of the limited number of times you can play well,
try the challenge again and again.
Not cleared from level 1 to level 3,
Each stage is not clear.

5 star cleared in a state of perfect.
Perfect and clear all the normal mode,
Emergence of the core mode. Plus 20 stages.
All 60 questions!

Full picture of the world and various landscapes.
Now, the challenge in the mood travel!

Thinking. Finding joy. From the perspective of training the brain,
Will see only minimal hints.